I put a twist on a spanakopita recipe when I had trouble finding filo dough in the grocery store – these were delicious! Amount of greens will determine how many wontons you can create – use your imagination!


won ton wrappers

mixed greens – I liked to use stinging nettles (make sure you use proper handling techniques as they will not stop irritating the skin until thoroughly cooked), purslane, lambs quarters and the tatsoi and pak choy from my garden

white wine (I just used a chard we had in the door of the fridge)


lemon juice

olive oil

feta cheese (you could use bleu cheese, gorganzola, grated parm – whatever you fancy really!)

Sauteed the garlic (minced or crushed) in the olive oil for starters and then toss in the greens, lemon juice and white wine and stir and sautee until completely wilted.

Toss cooked greens with feta cheese.

Use a little corn starch and water to make a liquid glue and smear that along two edges. Use a small amount of the filling mixture in the middle of the won ton wrapper and fold it in half on the diagonal. Place triangle pouches on a baking sheet. Bake for about 5 minutes, dab with a little olive oil and bake about another 10 – until the edges are getting nice and golden. These should be fine for freezing, and I’m guessing about 30 minutes or so bake time – they start smelling delicious when they are about ready. 🙂